quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2005

Timertop - first release

A little bit delayed, here goes the first Timertop submission to LKML.
It was originally written in perl and there were some bugs.
4 August, 2005

Here we have some support to have more tests on Dynamic Tick.
We have some functions that exports timers information to a proc entry
(/proc/top_info), in a kernel patch and a script that handles this
info and give some output to analyse. We tried to make it less
intrusive as possible.

It is based in suggestions from Tony Lindgren.

It is experimental and should evolve.

Must be applied after 2.6.13-rc5-dtck-3.patch and 2.6.13-rc5.

Usage: with kernel compiled with attached patch: "perl timer_top.pl
5", to have refresh time of 5s.
It was resent one day later with some corrections and optimizations.

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