sexta-feira, janeiro 06, 2006

A day at vacations

New year started in a short vacation, great to visit some known places in Manaus once I haven't been to somewhere else in these days.
In Brasil is not so common to see the sun seting in the water. Most of the beaches are in the Atlantic ocean so they always see the dawning of the day. Remarkable exception is Salvador-BA where there is a bay and you can see the sunset in the sea, good days at "Farol da Barra"...
On the other hand, the rivers offers us this landscape plentifully, and one of the best examples is the astonishing Negro River in Manaus, Amazonas.
Unfortunately we have to chose carefully the framing because some big hotel companies thinks they owes wonderful natural landscapes but we found a way to avoid this from the photos.
Well here we have what was happening at Ponta Negra at january, 6 of 2006 at 18:06h.

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