segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2006

Port of Manaus II

Right now - hey, this reminds me that Van Halen song - is 30+ degrees Celcius 9/1/06 5pm. Definitely very warm, even inside home, felling that very-lazyness-like sensation and some weak headache. Even after 5 years here this still happens if I stay whole day without conditioned air... wonder when this is gonna to end...

Here we can see the amount of water that may rise in the Negro River in the flood season. We are now (january) leaving the dry season, the river starts to rise with the rains, Andes meltings and some other natural phonomena. The marks in this wall are points where the river reached in past years. Unfortunately we see some garbage (plastic bottles) floating. The highest mark is year 1953 followed closely by year 1976. The difference between highest levels and current river level is more than 5m.

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