terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2006

Timertop-patch Update

The Dyn-tick patch is now integrated in the Con Kolivas kernel tree which is aimed to "improve system responsiveness and interactivity".
The timertop kernel patch was integrated in the dyn-tick patch by Con in the beginning of december/2005 and can be downloaded in the same site as the utility:

As Con stated he is unable to improve smp issues in the dyn-tick patch and is not receiving enough colaboration in this subject. So dyn-tick has not entered mm tree yet, although it seems that everyone that tests it (or at least send a feed back to LKML) is having some power savings. They are usually not so high (~1- 5 W, 5-10%) but nevertheless should justify its integration in the mainline. The problem now is the smp.
I hope that someone grab this work and make the necessary modifications and make it go mm than mainline.

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